5 easy tips to get back in shape quickly

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We are sure you have made your New Year’s Resolution already. Maybe one of those resolutions was to get back into shape especially for the summer or for the upcoming holidays. Bolero invites you to challenge yourself and learn how to lose weight effectively. Below is our simple 5-step quick guide on how you can achieve your New Year’s Resolution.


  1. Get rid of sugar and carbs!

There is no doubt that in order to lose weight one must be in a caloric deficit and must pay attention to the foods that they are consuming. It is important to cut out all added sugars including many artifical sweeteners such as birch sugar and maple syrup, as these are not supporting your cabohydrate metabolism. Instead stick to natural sweeteners, which can easily be converted and used by your body and thus aid you in losing weight, e.g. stevia or erythrite.

Carbohydrates are important as they are fuel for your body. This being said though they contain a high volume of calories and therefore you must limit your intake, but not say goodbye completely, otherwise your metabolism will be out of balance and this will be counterproductive. Make sure about 80% of your carbohydrate intake is from vegetables and about 20% from fruits and whole wheat grains, such as brown rice, barley and quinoa. Also avoid fruits with high fruit sugar level, e.g. banana or grapes. Make sure you forget about white flour and refined bakery products. Go for low glycemic foods and move to low-fat or fat-free dairy products (and minimize them).


  1. Eat smart!

To be able to upkeep your diet, you must eat smart. You do not need to count calories or fast, just simply make good food choices when it comes to your nutrition. Three important factors to consider are:

  1. Be aware of how you mix different nutrition categories. Seperate fats, proteins and carbs, so your body can digest more effectively.
  2. To avoid insulin spikes, eat more frequently, but in smaller portions.
  3. Make sure you are eating vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Your plate should should be packed ideally with 60% of vegetables and around 40% of proteins per meal.



  1. Drink enough water!

Water is essential in any diet. It not only helps losing weight, but also aids your digestion. Try and avoid alcohol, shakes, cordials and sugary soft drinks. We know water can seem boring, but that is why we have Bolero. You can mix Bolero with your sparkling or still water and create healthy alternatives to your favourite drinks. They are sugar free, produced with stevia and available in plenty of different delicious flavours.

Ideally drink at least two liters per day.


  1. Be Active!

It is summer. Make sure you get out there and be active. You do not need to kill yourself with strenious excercise, the important thing is to move. Keep it interesting and vary the types of exercises you get involved in and make yourself sweat on a daily basis. Aim to be active for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. Go for a run, walk, ride your bike, go to the gym, play football with your friends or, it is summer, go to the beach and go for a nice refreshing swim.

Aim to keep your heart rate below 130 and above 100! Why? Because muscle cells burn fat only if there’s enough oxygen and only a pulse rate slightly below 130 can guarantee that your matabolism gets faster, but there’s enough oxygen going into the muscle cells.


  1. Sleep enough!

Resting is essential for recovery and for weight loss. You burn calories in your sleep and also recover muscle tissue. If you’re on a diet, the ideal is to sleep 8 hours a day. If you sleep less, you’ll long for grainy and sugary food to compensate for the lacking energy and will eat more. If you sleep more, you will not consume that much energy needed to lose weight. The quality of sleeping is essential too: it should be relaxing.


Good luck!

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