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Fill your shelves with colour!

Bolero is a high-quality, natural, healthy drink option for people just like us – those who care about their health & weight. We offer a wide variety of delicious flavours and sugar free recipes for the whole family to enjoy. Yes that’s right, Bolero is much more than just a drink powder, it’s a healthy ingredient of your daily intake. Bolero sachets can be added to hot or cold water, soda water and even milk! They can also be used to add flavour to yoghurt, make smoothies, jelly, sugar free ice blocks and can be used to create and add flavour.

Perfect for retail stores!

Zero fat

Low calories

Zero artificial sweeteners

No preservatives

No stabilizers

No potassium sorbate

Corn and peanut free


Vegan friendly

Perfect for hotels & events

Bolero drink enhancers are perfect for hotels, conferences and events. No need for refrigeration, saving valuable space and energy. Great value – one box makes up to 36 litres of delicious, healthy, sugar and allergen free beverage. Use for cocktails, smoothies, add to any refreshment or wow your guests with a Bolero sachet and complementary bottle of water.

Add Bolero flavour to any type of food or beverage. We leave the sweetening to you! Bolero are water soluble, highly concentrated multi-purpose flavouring powders.

Zero fat, zero artificial sweeteners. No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate. Corn and peanut free! Gluten-free and vegan friendly. Our drink powder contains no animal products of any kind. Guilt free. Create sugar free low calorie drinks and food alternatives. Perfect for diabetics.

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