5 easy tips to get back in shape quickly

We are sure you have made your New Year’s Resolution already. Maybe one of those resolutions was to get back into shape especially for the summer […]

How To Order Diet Friendly Booze

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that alcohol isn’t exactly a health elixir. BTW here are some diet-friendly(er) drinks to order at the bar. Tequila At […]

Natural help for any activities

In this century, when you are always in a rush, it is hard to find time to do sports or any type of exercise. One of […]

The many different ways to use Bolero

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Perfect training in 15 minutes

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What happens if you drink nothing else

What happens if you drink nothing else, but sugar free fluids, such as Bolero?   We all know that unhealthy drinks are harmful for our health. […]

Tips to avoid hangover

A few tips to avoid hangover 🙂 Well, today Australia and the rest of the world is also celebrating: it’s New Year’s Eve! Cheers to everyone! […]

Vary it

Vary your workouts If you do exactly the same workout every day, your body will get used to it. Though it may of course flatter your […]

Spice up your diet

Spice things up   Rather than relying on sugary sauces and fatty dressings, try restocking your spice rack more often. Calorie-free seasonings such as turmeric, black […]

Did you know that

Did you know….?   This week, instead of summarizing a few beneficial weight loss advices for you, we bring you some interesting facts that may also […]