1Is It Sugar Free, How Many Calories?
Yes, Bolero Drinks are sugar free, and are recommended by dietitians. Bolero drinks have an incredibly low calorie count, at less than 5 calories per 250ml serving. It is also both gluten and fat free too! For the delicious sweet taste we use Stevia.
2Are There Any Vitamins In It?
Each fruit drink in the Bolero range has added vitamin C (Bolero MultiVitamin has A C & E). In fact, your recommended daily intake could be sought by drinking Bolero alone!
3How Is The Packaging?
Bolero Drinks are conveniently packed so you can take them along anywhere you go, to your work, to the gym, on vacation and so on!
4Can I Use It For Cooking?
Bolero Drinks can also be used in your favorite recipes like cocktails, desserts, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, cakes, muffin, frostings and so on.
5Environmentally Friendly?
Bolero is making a huge contribution to cutting down on household waste. Each household in the UK, produces the average of 70kg ‘plastic waste’. As the Bolero drink is not pre-mixed, there is no plastic bottle required and thus, no waste is created!
6Is It Suitable For Diabetics?
Bolero Drinks are especially suitable for diabetics, it is a great tasting healthy choice. Bolero has all the credentials to be purchased and enjoyed by type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Apart from the isotonic, all Bolero drinks are completely sugar free (including the energy drink). Every single flavor is as sweet as most people would expect from a normal sugared product.
7How Many Flavors Do You Have?
Bolero Drinks are available in over 45 flavours spacing across 3 different categories! The classics, isotonic and ice tea selection are all available for purchase.
8How Can I Mix It?
Bolero Drinks can be prepared with soda, sparkling or tap water .You could make up to 4 litres of Bolero Drink with one sachet depending on your taste. Also with Bolero Drinks you can create an endless amount of different flavours by combining two or more flavours for example lemon and cola making lemon cola!