2017 was the year of the Bolero!

The Dream

We started our journey in March, 2016, I had a question: why is it so difficult to find sugar free healthy drink options in the market. This problem lead me to an entrepreneurial experiment for my passion for healthy food and drink options.

I found myself brainstorming the solution to that question, drinking Bolero the last 15 years gave me an idea. I felt like that there is a need for a change in our food culture. The current Australian healthy sugar free food culture is really lacking in this area. So I decided to bring Bolero to the Australian market.

Dietary choices are crucial in disease prevention and weight management, especially a person’s choice of hydration. Water is essential for life, and maintaining hydration is important to maintaining your physical and mental performance. A recent study by sparkling water company Soda-stream found that 80% of Australians suffer from symptoms typical of dehydration. Most of these people still believe drinking when they feel thirsty will keep them hydrated – when in fact, its too late at this stage, you’re already dehydrated!

Bolero has been an international success story for the last 20 years, millions of sachets are being sold monthly in over 80 countries worldwide across the US, South America, Middle-East and Europe, offering more than 55 different flavours of sugar free drink powder with the convenience of a soft drink, and a deliciously delicate taste in your pocket.

ADD 3 litres of water, MIX in 3 seconds, HYDRATE for the day.

What makes us different?

We care. Bolero is made out of natural fruit extract that come in over 55 different flavours. There is NO GMO in our products, we us a natural sweetener, Stevia. Bolero drink powders are a high quality product that we can offer to the whole family as it is gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly.
Furthermore it tastes amazing.

Bolero is also a Proud Sponsor of the INBA international bodybuilding association.

About the Product


Totally sugar free, fat free & gluten free. They contain No preservatives, have almost No carbohydrates, and contain less than 5 calories per serving.

Top up your H2O intake with a burst of Bolero – great-tasting fruit flavours from the experts in hydration. A brilliantly low calorie way of boosting your water intake. Bolero can be mixed with tap, soda or sparkling water to make a refreshing fruit drink that’s bursting with vitamin C, but totally fat, gluten and sugar-free.

Bolero Drinks will fit right into your low calorie needs, if you are on a diet or wanting to lose some weight.

Bolero’s classic range of powdered fruit drinks provide the protective anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C without the sugar of fruit juice. Made with no artificial colours, flavorings or preservatives, they can be mixed with tap, soda or sparkling water so they are perfect for the whole family With BOLERO instant powder drinks, you get to enjoy all the delicious flavours and health benefits in more than 55 wonderful flavours.