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Mix Box Free Shipping promotion Coupon Code: FR33


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Do you want to try our product, but don’t know what to choose? We will mix it for you, or alternatively please leave a message when you check out with your chosen flavors.

we will send you a mix box of delicious Bolero, including our best selling flavors.

12 different taste in one box,




Ideal sugar-free water enhancer or baking ingredient for the most popular diets like:

Atkins diet, Keto diet, (Ketogenic diet), DASH diet, Low-carb diet, Whole30 diet or 30-day diet, Weight Watchers diet, South Beach diet, Cook Smarts diet, Noom diet, 400-calorie diet, low-fat diet, FAST 5:2 diet, Low FODMAP diet, Fast 800 diet, and above all BSD diet or Blood Sugar diet.

The product is gluten-free (celiac friendly), even more sugar-free, lactose-free and dairy-free!

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