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Do you know how many different ways you can use Bolero? Let us help you!


Bolero is well-known as a healthy drink powder! But the story doesn’t end here!  It is much more than a drink powder. There are a lot of extra ways you can use it and it adds so much more value.

In a few seconds, you can create your own sugar-free soft drink or refreshment by adding Bolero to mineral water, soda, tap water, spring water, etc.

In wintertime, you can also mix it with hot water and you will get the perfect cup of flavoured tea – lemongrass, lemon and ginger are the best choices. Bolero Iced tea with hot water makes a perfect tea in itself.

Bolero also goes well with dairy products, milk and even yoghurt; for the kids, you can prepare shakes, smoothies, slushies, jellies, popcorn or gummy bears too.

And for 18+ we suggest trying our sugar-free cocktail recipes. In no time you can create new party drinks, cocktails, mocktails, flavour the spirits, jello shots or add it to your ice cubes, make a nice party trick.

When you feel you need energy before or after a tiring workout, night shift, or party: our energy drink boosts energy while the isotonic sports drink helps you rehydrate and restore electrolyte balance.

Finally, let’s not talk only about drinks, but food too: you can bake with Bolero, add it to your meals and flavour your ice cream with it.

Do you see how universal it is? And to tell you the truth, this is not all: your imagination and creativity may bring new ways to use our products and with the 64 flavours on the palette the number of possibilities is really infinite. Go and explore Bolero the way you’ve never done!

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