Avni Tumay

Body Builder

Bolero smells and tastes exactly like fruit juice. It's also packed with vitamin C like fruit juice, yet it costs about the same as cordials! I drink it every day, as well as my family.

Julie Gonzales


There is now no need to carry heavy bottles/cans of drink back from the shop. We find we have now, a spare cupboard in the kitchen, which was once full of cordial and other soft drinks.

Jeanette Vasquez

Bikini And Fitness Model

Whether you are working out or just out and about, Bolero makes it easy to stay hydrated and refreshed. My favorite is the Watermelon.

Jana Maree Konstantakopoulos

Elite Dancer

Bolero is an amazing product in which I highly recommend for other to try! It is perfect for my hydration needs and keeps me refreshed. The wide variety of great tasting flavours is an extra bonus that i loved. I'll definately be sharing this product with my friends.

Nathan Macdonald

Uni Student

Bolero only recently came to australia, thought I'd try it out since it's the cheaper alternative and it was crazy! The price does not match the taste at all, I would pay triple what it's worth. The isotonic orange drink tasted amazing and i felt a boost of energy that i needed to get through a long day of uni. Also, it can be used as a cheap mixer, which also tasted amazing ! Love this drink, so happy it came to Australia! #BOLEROAUSTRALIA