Why hydration is essential?

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healthy drinks
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Drinking enough none alcoholic and caffeine-free liquids on a daily basis is of key importance, especially in the summertime and mostly for those age groups that are endangered (infants, small children, and old people). If you do not pay enough attention to this simple, but a significant daily routine of life maintenance, that can turn over your fluid balance and cause a lot of medical problems. Let’s see a few.

The normal amount of water in our body is 92% – when we are completely hydrated. When not drinking enough, you become dehydrated (it can be checked by the color of your urine – the lighter the better; when getting darker it means you’re dehydrated), your blood becomes thicker, which will make blood flow difficult and finally it results in high blood pressure.

Also, if you are dehydrated, your cells will lack energy, which will lead to eating more when you are only thirsty, which will eventually mean weight gain. If you drink a glass of water or Bolero before your meal, you will not eat that much and you can control your weight better.

As we have mentioned, water is very important for the energy system in your body – if you are dehydrated, it will slow down the enzymatic activity, which will lead to fatigue and tiredness.

Dehydration can also hinder the demolition of toxins, which lead to skin disorders, like psoriasis, discoloration, dermatitis, and wrinkling. It can also restrict or block respiratory tracks to preserve water, and when the body loses water, a number of histamine increases, which lead to asthma and allergies. Your body will also enhance the production of cholesterol to prevent water loss of the cells resulting in high cholesterol level. There are also many digestive disorders – e.g. gastritis, acid reflux, and ulcer – coming from dehydration and its consequence: lack of alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium.

On top of these, in a dehydrated condition, there will be masses of toxins and acid waste in your body that will create an environment which bacteria like, which eventually lead to pain, inflammation and the kidney and bladder will be a substrate to infections. When you do not drink enough, the colon also draws water to supply fluids – however, lacking water will cause waste moving to the big intestines more slowly resulting in constipation. Finally, if you constantly dehydrate your body, it will lead to a premature aging, including your skin and all other organs.

But how much liquid is enough? There are many factors that influence the amount of ideal daily water intake, e.g. gender, age, weight, season, exercise, diseases, pregnancy, heating, etc., but in general, we can say that the best is to drink at least 30 ml/bodyweight/ kg/day. This means that e.g. if you weigh 60 kgs, you have to drink a minimum of 60×30 = 1800 ml (1,8 liters) per day. This refers to the pure liquid, not containing alcohol or caffeine, as they dehydrate your body. This quantity also does not calculate with food containing liquid, e.g. soups, so that has to be treated separately (soups, coffee, Coke, beer, wine, etc. come on top of the 1,8 liters).

Here is a quite good calculator for daily pure liquid intake, which takes the most important factors into consideration:


Some people may find it hard to drink „that much”. In most of those cases, the problem is that they don’t like the taste of water, as we mentioned yesterday. Ring-ring, here’s a good solution: Bolero can be added to any types of water in any of our 58 fantastic flavors. You just mix your water with a sachet of Bolero and you get such a tasty soft drink that you will grow to like drinking bigger quantities. Another great product attribute is that if you use up a Bolero Stick, it adds up to 1-1,5 liters of soft drink. And if you use our classic products, then a sachet adds up to 3 liters – which will cover your daily water intake needs. On top of the fact that it’s tasty, Bolero is natural, organic and sugar-free, so you can be sure you drink healthy soft drinks if you use our products. Great solution, isn’t it? Enjoy this summer with Bolero and enjoy the benefits of drinking enough pure liquids! J

(Source of medical problems coming from dehydration: Organic Health Solution)

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